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To help you educate your patients about thrombosis, visit the patient information section of the INATE website: a comprehensive source of thrombosis information for patients.
New in this section: Professor Greer provides a layman's introduction to risks of VTE during pregnancy, including specific treatment and safety issues related to both pregnancy and the treatment of VTE during preganancy.
For more information on the duration of treatment


About thrombosis
Are you at risk of thrombosis? What are the symptoms of thrombosis? Click here to learn more about this disease and its prevention and treatment.
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In-depth explanations
Do you need specific information about thrombosis? Read the in-depth explanations to learn more about thrombosis and air travel, post-thrombotic syndrome, length of treatment and more.
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Clinical problems answered
International experts share their experience of managing VTE by commenting on a case from daily clinical practice. All clinical cases are reviewed by at least two Core Group members adhering to an evidence-based process.
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Lectures on thrombosis
View and download lectures on optimizing thromboprophylaxis in at-risk medical patients, presented by international experts at the VTE Experts' Meetings 2004. This collection also includes lectures on many other topics, ranging from diagnosis, prophylaxis, and etiology to women's health.
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What is INATE?
An international, multidisciplinary website, aimed at healthcare professionals and patients, dedicated to the use of clinical evidence and real-world experience to improve the management of venous thromboembolism (VTE).  Go to What is INATE?

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